About iSensus

What we are

iSensus is a Sensor System Developer. Anywhere there is a need for measurement, control and management of industrial or individual assets through wireless communication, iSensus designs tailor made end-to-end solutions. Our aim is to bridge the gap between concept and actual application to our customers benefit and satisfaction. Learn more on our approach and how we work...

What we do

iSensus typically enters into a partnership with its customer defining the project parameters such as resources, level of detail, application environment, and other relevant issues. Though every project in itself is unique, we use state of the art proven proprietary technology, combing it with appropriate sensors, actuators and relevant web based environments. This greatly reduces lead times, saves costs and above all it safeguards reliability.

What we did

Wireless and sensor technology is one the fastest moving areas of industrial growth, with new technologies finding its way to it (GP(R)S, WiFi, RFID, ZigBee, Mobitex, Satellite etc) iSensus has access to them all and more importantly has applied them in various projects and products. Check out our port folio with an selection of clients and solutions, proving the point that the company is in front of its field.