What we have learned to be good at

Creativity: we bring original and innovative solutions

We learned to think "outside the box" differently, unconventionally or from new perspectives. We look further past the obvious and think beyond that. This process of process of lateral thinking brings creative and smart solutions.

Listening: deriving clients product specifications in a multidisciplinary approach

Deriving and harmonization of demands, needs and expectations are crucial expressively in an early stage. They are to be translated into specifications of a becoming system. Our multidisciplinary approach redefines problems outside normal boundaries and brings new understanding of complex situations.

Electronic design: design and realization of analog and digital electronic systems

Based on specifications our carefully selected engineers design all sorts of electronic systems, circuitry and printed circuit boards (PCB's) using advanced EDA tools.

Software design: design and realization of (embedded) software and tools

After the specifications of software is determined our designers will develop a plan for the solution. This process of problem-solving and planning includes low-level component and algorithm implementation issues as well as the architectural view.

Proto typing: building of prototypes for Proof-of-Concept purposes

In our in-house production facility we efficiently manufacture and assemble working prototypes of our designs demonstrating and proofing functionality. A prototype typically shows aspects of the features of the eventual product.

Manufacturer knowhow: marked knowledge on OEM products and components

We consider it a high priority to keep our engineers abreast with manufacturers and suppliers of the latest technologies and products. Exclusive contacts with marked leaders in the electronic product and components arena is part of our constant attention and daily job.