Wireless iSensus provides made to measure solutions based on standard wireless technologies and also standard products all based on innovative and low-power wireless technology.

Mesh Networking


A wireless network for the transport of sensor and control data offers an interesting alternative for wired networks. Not only costs are significantly lower, but even more important the improved reliability as problems because of cabling are ruled out.

In a wireless network all connections are automatically made and maintained in a mesh structure. Modules exchange sensor and control data in between them, as a result mesh networks can cover tens of squire kilometers or complete office buildings. This all brings a secure, continues and very flexible data network.

GPRS Communication

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is an efficient packet based communication service for mobile devices that distributes data across the mobile telephone network. Due to its high-speed connection and its always-on connectivity feature GPRS enables full Internet connection and services for mobile devices.

The connection to the mobile device can be left open during the entire connect time and is only occupied at the time of actual data transmission. This enables applications with a permanent "always online" connection as also billing is not based on connect time but rather on the data volume transmitted. For low-power applications we designed particular scheduled and time efficient GPRS communication routines.