Our pragmatic methodology

Preparation: Feasibility of the Project

Identifying the functionality of the system, design parameters and desired output. A feasibility study might be part of this phase in order to quantify and qualify the project.

Start up: Definiton of specific requirements

Establishing the relevant system specifications or product requirements leading to a definition of the design parameters and relevant technical specifications.

Test model: Designing and preparation of Test Model

Realization of a test model which demonstrates critical functionality. It may differ in appearance and performance from the final product. The purpose is to assign and agree on the solution basics.

Prototyping: Design and realization of the working product

A working "product" proto type with all the components and dimensions. A prototype means a "product" that may differ in terms of appearance and performance from the final product, but demonstrates the required functionality.

Validation: Testing and evaluating the specifications and functionality

The product is evaluated on specifications and checked on specific requirements. A CE quick scan might be part of this phase. The evaluations and tests may lead to a subsequent phase where the prototype is further enhanced and a reliable cost price can be established.

Field trials: Feedback from field experiences is incorporated in the final design

A first serial production using the designed production specifications is tested and evaluated by a trial period in real practice by the customer and /or selected end users. Production is aimed identical to the final production process and manufacturing facilities.

Pilot run: Final product design and its production files

Adjustments to the design details are being made on the basis of the field trial experiences. The production documentation is finalized. Product certification is being arranged if required.

High volume production: Repetitive production by means of standardized procedures

In cooperation with careful selected contract manufacturers serial production is sub contracted and or transferred to the customer.

Life cycle Management : Keeping the system updated

Design modifications and redesigns due to change in components or added requirements, updating the production files and adjusting to newest state of the art technology safeguards the best possible "solution" over time.