5 april 2012 - iSensus acquired by Interay Solutions BV

Interay Solutions

Opnieuw kunnen we u mededelen dat er weer een belangrijke vervolgstap is gezet in de verdere ontwikkeling van Interay Solutions. De laatste jaren hebben in het teken gestaan van het tot stand brengen van een lange termijn strategie voor de onderneming. Dit heeft er uiteindelijk toe geleid dat iSensus per 5 April 2012 is overgenomen door Interay Solutions b.v. onderdeel van de NiVoGe Groep.

iSensus zal zijn huidige activiteiten, het ontwikkelen van hoogwaardige draadloze sensor technologie continueren en verder uitbouwen onder de naam van Interay Solutions. Interay Solutions zal zich verder ook focussen op geÔntegreerde totaaloplossingen voor deze producten, naast hun huidige specialisatie het ontwikkelen en produceren van dedicated elektronica en embedded software op klantspecificatie. Voor u betekent de versterkte samenstelling van Interay Solutions dat wij nog beter in staat zijn geÔntegreerde totaal- en maatwerkoplossingen te ontwikkelen en te produceren. Door deze integratie is de NiVoGe-Groep nog beter in staat in te spelen op de behoefte van hun klanten en hun markten in de vorm van multidisciplinaire totaaloplossingen.

NiVoGe-Groep vormt met Interay Solution te Burgum en de Apparatenfabriek ARA met MKH Nobuwin en MKH Minital uit Aalten een unieke combinatie van bedrijven waardoor we een totaal pakket aan diensten kunnen aanbieden. NiVoGe-Groep ontwikkelt en produceert geavanceerde mechatronische producten, modules en systemen op klantspecificatie voor o.a. OEM klanten.

De NiVoGe-Groep heeft de competenties in huis op het gebied van R&D & engineering services voor dedicated elektronica, embedded software, plaatwerk, tooling en complexe mechanische modules en systemen. Daarnaast hebben we compleet ingerichte productie locaties voor het assembleren van de PCB?s, plaatwerkerij, CNC verspaning en spuitgietmachines. Dit heeft tot gevolg dat we continue investeren in training en opleiding van mensen en ?state of the art? productie middelen. Als full service partner zijn we in staat om complete plug & play systemen of modules te leveren.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Directie en management

Interay Solutions b.v.

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16 September 2011 - Wireless CO2 sensor

CO2 sensor

Working with our Partner Ambient Systems, Enschede we developed a wireless CO2 gass sensor ESP3000T/H/CO2 the next product for the dynamic All-Wireless Sensor Network solutions. Itís an economic, fully battery-powered wireless sensor for the Ambient Systems 3000 Series networks. The ESP3000T/CO2 combines an accurate internal temperature & humidity sensor with a 0-2000 ppm low-power CO2 sensor, based on NDIR technology. Itís fully battery-operated and therefore very easy to deploy and maintain as batteries are replaceable. Battery live time is 3 years for one AA size 3.6V Lithium cell. Furthermore, the CO2 sensor auto-calibrates, compensating for the effect of aging and therefore guarantees outstanding long-term stability. Call us if you are interested!

8 August 2011 - Endurance testing of iTraffic started

iPower, DC Power Analyzer

A significant step towards realisation of our iTraffic sensor has been made. The executive arm of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environmentagency (Rijkswaterstaat) has given the green light for our duration testing at its test facility along the A12. The system is up and running since the 29th of July and will provide us with all the statistical data our engineers need to further the development of the iTraffic sensor. We would like to give a warm thanks to our partner S&S-systems in providing us with their connectivity box for this pilot phase. Check back here frequently not to miss out on our progress.

30 May 2011 - iPower, DC Power Analyzer

iPower, DC Power Analyzer

If we canít find the product that meets all our requirements we just build it ourselves. Our DC Power Analyzer provides exact insight on energy consumed by the connected device under test (DUT). Its internal DC voltage sources or also external source can be used to power the DUT. DC voltage and current fed into the DUT are measured in a 10kHz sampling rate. The iSensus DC Power Analyzer is a highly integrated instrument that combines selectable DC power supplies, DMM, oscilloscope and data logging. Special analog event trigger inputs are provided to capture occasional events or to log additional analog signals. A MS Windows application is provided for data visualization and further power analyses. The iSensus DC Power Analyzer makes these tasks easy:

  • Monitor and log peaks in power consumption
  • Log data for seconds, minutes, hours, or even days to see current consumption or capture anomalies
  • Automatic calculation of total energy consumption over periods as long as days
  • Setup and view critical turn-on/turn-off sequences
  • Measure and display voltage, current versus time to visualize power consumption by the DUT
  • Save data and screen shots
Contact us if you would like more information about purchasing or technical specifications of our iPower analyzer.

27 May 2011 - Another stellar performance by one of our customers

Janneke en de Dacom Sensor Gateway

After the successes in the high-profile Flync-awards in which 3 out of all 5 finalists in our industry bracket turned out to be iSensus customers including the winner StabiAlert from Groningen our dear longtime partner Dacom from Emmen have surpassed all other SMEís in the Netherlands when they were awarded the immensely prestigious ďMost innovative SME in the NetherlandsĒ award. We are ecstatic with this result! Truth be told we played a small part but we did. Congratulations to its directors Janneke and Jan Hadders and of course all our other Dacom friends.

12 May 2011 - Our latest product the iTraffic vehicle detection sensor

iTraffic, Vehicle detection sensor

The iTraffic vehicle detection sensor is designed for permanent or temporary installation near or under the road deck aimed at the collection of traffic data. The sensor is placed in a robust IP67 enclosure and allows drop-in installation near the road or even buried underground without the need for road works. This simple installation makes temporary installation even more easy. The iTraffic sensor can be connected to our Stargate family of gateways providing continuous data logging and internet based data access including visualization. A cost effective, easy to use all-in-one solution for place and forget traffic monitoring.


  • Autonomous solution
  • High degree of accuracy, > 95% detection rate.
  • Open collector vehicle count signal.
  • Excellent Signal to Noise Ratio which has an inherent 10:1 rejection of road noise due to road bending, adjacent lanes and bow waves of approaching vehicles.
  • Extremely easy installation, place and forget.
  • Auto calibration within seconds.
  • Provided with signal cables for connection to our Stargate.
  • Does not interfere with traffic flows.
  • Extremely cost efficient.

15 April 2011 - Realization of wireless CO2 sensor

CO2 sensor

Designed and realization of an economic CO2 sensor using the Ambient Systems wireless sensor network technology. This ESP3000T/CO2 Extended SmartPoint CO2 combines accurate internal temperature measurement with a 0-2000 ppm low-power CO2 sensor, based on NDIR technology. As this latest product is fully battery-operated itís very easy to deploy and maintain as batteries are replaceable, itís battery live is minimal 3 years. The CO2 sensor auto-calibrates, compensating for the effect of aging and therefore guarantees outstanding long-term stability and minimization of maintenance costs.

7 March 2011 - New company name

PTC Remote Management & Service officialy changed its name to iSensus b.v.

1 March 2011 - Embedded World 2011

iSensus visited Embedded World 2011 in NŁrnberg